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Human Insights,

Unlocking expert knowledge to inform better business decisions

"The global expert network industry is valued at $2.5bn according to INEX ONE and growing at double digits. This however does not truly reflect the impact the industry has on the global investment and general commerce landscape. The work we do, and the solutions we provide provide essential insight to inform the most important business decisions".

- Mac Mabidilala, Founder, CEO, Pengo Insight

Who we are

We are a knowledge marketplace, with unique regional capabilities in Africa and the Middle East, partnering with the world's leading consulting and investment companies, providing access to powerful on-demand human insight on industries, companies, and markets.

We are building a globally trusted and locally executed knowledge-sharing platform to achieve broad coverage for our clients with deep local expertise.  Our work is enabled by a diverse and agile team of professionals, the latest technology, and a robust compliance framework.

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Our Solutions

We help our clients make smarter, better, and faster decisions, through a suite of solutions tailored to their needs, enabled by a high-quality expert network and expert recruitment practices.

Working from Home


We help our clients unearth powerful insights by accessing the best subject matter experts for private consultations or face to face meetings.

Watching Stock Market


We help our clients gain a broad set of insights from groups specifically targeted expert profiles through expert surveys.

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We conduct in-depth expert interviews with leading subject matter experts to gain unfiltered insight on key topics to provide our clients with relevant insights.

What our clients say

Director, Leading Market Research and Consulting Company

A big thank you to Pengo Insight, who managed to help secure difficult to reach, in demand experts for our project in Africa, in good time. Highly professional

Associate Consultant, Top 3 Management Consulting Company

Thank you very much for finding great experts on such short notice

Strategy Manager, COO's Office, Leading Asia Expert Network

Thank you for securing such excellent experts.

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